We provide Ypsilanti lower income residents with free raised bed gardens, along with compost, seedlings and seeds to start their own home garden. Participants receive garden materials, attend garden workshops, and receive support visits throughout the season. This program addresses food insecurity in our community through empowering residents to grow their own food and have agency over their personal wellness goals. 

Home Vegetable Garden Mentorships

For our 2019 season, we launched Growing Hope’s Garden Mentorship for Home Vegetable Garden Program participants. We started this mentorship program to strengthen our gardening community inorder to uplift the many experienced and inspirational gardeners around us. We aim to increase inter-generational connections through prioritizing new gardeners who have children, and prioritizing senior gardeners who may have grandchildren. Mentors assist new gardeners in setting and reaching their garden goals through one-on-one coaching and share resources from Growing Hope.