How it Works

sign up online

collect your food-scraps at home

bring food scraps to the Ypsilanti Farmers Market

exchange your food scraps for a clean bucket

reduce waste and nourish the environment!

optional: visit the Growing Hope Urban farm and participate in a compost skill share workshop




For a small fee, Growing Hope has limited buckets available for compost collection


What’s Compostable?

  • Acceptable: Fruit and vegetable scraps, Baked goods, Tea bags, Coffee grounds, Eggshells

  • Not acceptable: Meat, Bones, Dairy, Poo

You’ll get more guidance after signing up, but a good rule of thumb is: if Nature made it, it’s probably compostable.


Did you know that it takes twenty-two years for a head of lettuce to decompose in a landfill after you’ve chucked it into the trash? Let’s become a total food-waste-diversion city together!

Commercial Services


Local businesses in Ypsilanti deserve local solutions. We serve small businesses seeking to lower their food waste and reduce their carbon footprint. We work locally, so every dollar you spend with us stays in the community. That’s full circle! Services include weekly container replacement, composting education, and customer service when you need it. We use a sliding scale to ensure our services are equitable and available to every member of our community. Send an email to [email protected] to contact our team and learn more about composting at your place of work.


Please consider donating to us to help us continue to support people of every social status to divert food waste in our community.  


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