Mission, Vision & Values

Growing Hope fosters an equitable and sustainable local food system where all people are empowered to grow, sell, buy, prepare, and eat nourishing food.


Our Vision

Ypsilanti is a community where all people–particularly those with barriers due to race, class, culture, language, ability, and mobility–have access to nourishing local food that is culturally appropriate and affordable, can grow and prepare their own harvests, and may earn a living as a food grower, producer, or entrepreneur.


Our Core Values

Justice & Equity

We strive to dismantle systems of racism and oppressive power in the food system by ensuring fresh, affordable food is
distributed and accessed fairly. We work toward greater equity to ensure people are not only food secure, but can participate in a more just food system.


We commit to creating an honest, constructive, and compassionate culture within our work spaces and in our interactions with our community.


We are inspired every day to do the hard work of transforming food systems and improving the health of our community.


We empower people with the support, resources and knowledge to grow and prepare their own food, and have a role in the emerging local food system.


We aim to create welcoming and inclusive spaces that are explicitly anti-racist and support diverse people and ideas.