Food Entrepreneurship

We grow local economic opportunity through  operating the licensed Growing Hope Incubator Kitchen and offering trainings and business support services for farmers and startup food entrepreneurs.



The Growing Hope Incubator Kitchen

The Growing Hope Incubator Kitchen provides an accessible space for startup food businesses looking to take their business to the next level. The licensed kitchen is open 24/7 to rent for affordable hourly rates and offers professional-grade equipment. Growing Hope helps our kitchen renters navigate food safety regulations, permitting, and facilitates connections to new retail markets.

Building Blocks for the Local Food Entrepreneur

Growing Hope partners with local experts to provide free educational trainings for food entrepreneurs and farmers looking to start or scale up their food businesses. These trainings build skills and knowledge around concepts such as business planning, cottage food laws, labeling laws, marketing, food safety, and selling at a farmers market or for retail. Click here to register for our next workshop.

Growing Hope partnered with 7 Cylinders Studio to produce a short film about our Buildings Blocks programs and the Ypsilanti Farmers Markets. The film features Alex Ball, farmer of Old City Acres who shared his experience in this short video. Check it out!