In the heart of Ypsilanti, a small, vibrant, diverse community, we are reimagining the food system and building a reality where everyone can access fresh, local, and nutritious food.

We are reclaiming our connection to the land.

If you’ve ever heard me talk about the Growing Hope Urban Farm, you’ve heard me talk about its dual purpose as both a production farm and an educational space. Our farm and its proven methods could be (and are) replicated throughout our community. In these ways, we equip our community members with the tools, resources, and knowledge to equitably interact with food and the food system. 

Everyone deserves a chance to grow. 

Community gardens empower communities to reclaim control over their food sources, reducing reliance on external, industrial food systems. We continue to invest in spaces for our community to grow for themselves and one another. We are excited to announce our first-ever Community Garden Grants (if you lead or work in a garden that benefits our community, please apply today)!

These grants empower local initiatives that enhance neighborhood vitality and promote sustainable urban agriculture. Within our neighborhoods, we can deepen from a foundation of food justice and ensure that food sovereignty is more than an ideal but a lived reality. Community gardens do so much more than provide food; they demonstrate that with unity and dedication, a sustainable, self-sufficient future is within reach.

When we grow together, we foster belonging and empowerment.

Thank you for growing with us,


P.S. We are invested in the entire food system cycle, so we are piloting our community compost program! Food waste is the most common item sent to landfills, where it breaks down and creates methane, a greenhouse gas 28 times more potent than carbon dioxide. By composting and recycling, we could reach net-negative waste-sector emissions by 2030! Learn more and join today!