Greetings Community

You may have noticed us using the phrase “Food is a Human Right” more frequently as we talk about our work. This statement is simple, but deep, and deserves more attention.

It’s not only about acquiring the minimum ration of calories. The right to food includes all nutritional elements necessary for a healthy and active life, as well as the means to access them. It’s about having the resources needed for sustainable food security. It is not just about the availability of food but also about its accessibility, adequacy, quality, and cultural relevance. 

The right to food is inclusive. 

Food is not a privilege.
Food is not a commodity.
Food is not a weapon or a tool. 

Food is one of the basic building blocks of human life. Food is essential to enjoying every other basic human right. Food brings us together, binds our communities, and celebrates our diversity. 

Together, we’re reimagining a food system that upholds this right at every level. A food system that equips makers to explore their entrepreneurial dreams. Where both the compensation of growers and access for the community remain fair and adequate. Where future generations know how to have intimate interactions with the food system and where everyone is afforded the chance to grow. 

The right to food is intimately connected with human dignity. 

Equipping our community with the tools, resources, and knowledge to have meaningful and just interactions with the food system helps us to acknowledge and restore the human dignity within each of us. Community is at the heart of this transformational work, and I’m so grateful to be doing it in community with you.

In solidarity,


P.S. You can participate in a more just food system today, by participating in our Solidarity Share Raffle, which helps us sustain our sliding scale CSA, and ensure fresh, local produce is widely available in our community.