Greetings Community,

The return of spring always brings new faces to the farm as we support an ever-growing community invested in growing food for themselves and one another. It reminds me why we must invest in infrastructure to support food sovereignty and self-determination. 

I am always excited to kick off the season and initiate this programming because it’s a vital piece of our mission as we seek to build a just and equitable food system. Investing in food sovereignty means investing in members of our community. It requires us to move collectively as we imagine an economy that values food, acknowledges our right to it, and brings us together for our collective good. It requires us to consider cooperative economics.

The intersection of cooperative economics and food sovereignty is a dynamic space where community resilience, social justice, and sustainable agriculture converge. Food sovereignty emphasizes local control over food systems, empowering communities to make food production, distribution, and consumption decisions. Similarly, cooperative economics emphasizes the principles of collective ownership, democratic control, and shared benefits among members.

Collaboration between the two addresses food access issues and racial injustice. It empowers communities to define their own food systems, promote sustainable agriculture practices, and reclaim traditional food production and distribution knowledge.

And so, we invest deeply in equipping every community member with the tools, resources, and knowledge needed to have an intimate relationship with our local food system. 

Some of this support looks like free seedlings grown at the Growing Hope Urban Farm, free compost and seeds, workshops, and supporting our local community gardens to thrive. This year, we are excited to reenage our Community Tool Lending Library! We have the space ready and have one question for you:

What tools would you like to have available from a tool lending library?

Thank you for reimagining the food system with us!

In solidarity


P.S. To free ourselves, we must feed ourselves–the Teen Leadership Program, Home Vegetable Program, Farmers Market, Seasonal Internships, and Solidarity Shares are all open to applicants!