Food is a basic human right. The impact of covid and the subsequent inflation has continued to highlight the systemic barriers to accessing food. Increasingly, individuals and families are forced to make difficult financial decisions and weigh how they will meet their basic needs. At the beginning of the pandemic, Growing Hope’s immediate response was the creation of our Produce Cart. Sitting outside the entrance to the farm, accessible right near the sidewalk along Michigan Ave, our Produce Cart is stocked with fresh produce harvested from the urban farm daily.

Previously we brought the produce cart in for the season in early November and brought it back in March. Still, noticing that the need is only increasing with the forced closure of the Love Stand, we will keep it open this winter. To do this, we’ll need to stain the cart itself to protect it from the elements; but space remains with a cooler and table for any drop-off or pick-up need. The Produce Cart itself will be back in January!

The Produce Cart is designed to be a community resource rooted in solidarity, in which anyone can give or take freely. It’s rooted in the richness and generosity of our beautiful community. Many local gardeners, farmers, and organizations already help stock the Produce Cart with their surplus. We will rely on them, especially during the winter season when the farm is not producing as much.

The Produce Cart is always free.
The Produce Cart is always open.
The Produce Cart has no barriers and no questions.

It is for anyone and everyone.
It is Growing Hope.
It is Ypsilanti.
It is me, and it is you.

Growing Hope will continue to steward the Produce Cart and look forward to expanding and continuing to support other neighborhood resources in 2023. We also encourage folks to start their own outdoor pantries and/or food-sharing resources and are happy to share our lessons learned.

We appreciate your support, contribution, and care as we continue to imagine a food system in which every individual has the right to food.