Delice Patisserie

Ypsilanti, Mi

Delicious croissants, danishes, basque cakes and other French pastries. 

Encuentro Latino

Ypsilanti, Mi

Delicious homemade food including vegetarian empanadas, plantains with cream, soup, hot corn beverage, tamarind juice, and cantaloupe juice. 

Farmer Bruce

Ypsilanti, Mi

Organic urban farmer bringing fresh greens to the local scene. 

Hay Creek Heritage

Pinckney, MI

A small farm dedicated to conserving and promoting rare heritage livestock breeds and heirloom vegetables in Michigan on the banks of Hay Creek.. Specialties are: Chicken, duck, quail eggs, produce, fresh/frozen chicken, duck, turkey, goose, and cut flowers

Pick Michigan

Canton, Mi

Chicken and duck eggs, homegrow vegetables and herbs, homemade tortillas, small assortment of vegetables.

Shoreline Wild Salmon

Saline, Mi

Our fishing business is based out of Pelican, Alaska. We are a small team dedicated to providing hook and line caught wild salmon from the coast of Southeast Alaska. We aim to expand our presence to communities in Michigan and increase accessibility of wild and sustainable salmon, as well as provide educational opportunities regarding the health benefits of the fish that we offer.

It is our hope to bridge the gap between Alaskan fisherman and the consumers of Alaskan King and Coho varieties by sharing our resources, as well as our own stories and experiences with our customers.

We are proud to bring the world’s best salmon to individuals and families across the country.


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