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Depot Town

Product List

Regular product: Breads and pastries: 5 Grain, Almond Croissant, Baguette, Batard French, Chocolate Croissant, Country Levain, Cran Walnut, Butter Croissant, Ham & Brie Croissant, Ohs, Olive Levain, Seasonal Croissant, Sunflower Flaxseed.

Rotates seasonally: Bacon Bread, Beet Levain (specialty selection), Cheddar Chive, Chia Levain, Cocoa Levain, Complete Wheat, Hemp Bread, Lavender Bread, Maple Beer, Oatmeal Porridge Levain, Parmesan Pepper, Rosemary Batard, Rye Porridge Levain, Sesame Levain. 

Creamery Dairy Product: Goat Milk: Aged Feta, Fresh Feta, Chevre (plain, herb, cranberry, seasonal: blueberry/lemon, honey, lavender, lavender/honey, edible flowers) Bella Luna, Tomme, Bucheron.

Cow's milk: Cream cheese plain and flavored (season herbs), Hidden meadow (Havarti style) Summer Meadow (Cheddar like), Wild Meadow (raw milk).

Butters (cow's milk): Plain, Herb (fresh herbs from the farm), Whipped Honey, Lavender.

Goat Milk Soaps in a variety of scents. 

Organic Produce:

Arugula: May

Baby Bok Choi, red & green mix: May

Baby Chard: June

Baby Kale: May

Baby Mizuna, purple & green mix: May

Basil: June

Bean, Pole Green Fortrex: July

Beans, Pole Yellow Monte Gusto: July

Beets: June

Broccoli: June

Brussel Sprouts: September

Cabbage, Bok Choi: June/July

Cabbage, Caraflex: June/July

Cabbage, Napa: August

Carrots (Orange & Purple): May

Chard: May/June

Cilantro: June

Collards: May/June

Cucumbers (Lemon, Mexican Sour, Pickling, Slicing): July

Dill: July

Eggplant (Asian & Italian): July

Greens Mix (Savory and spicy): May

Husk Cherry: July

Kale: May/June

Lettuce Head: May/June

Lettuce Mix: May

Okra: July

Onion (yellow & red): July/August, 

Onion (white & purple bunching): June/July

Parsley: June/ July

Parsnips: August/September

Peas (Snap & snow): June

Peppers (Bell (red, green & yellow), various hot peppers, Italia, Shishito): June and July

Potatoes: August

Radish (assorted): May/June

Rosemary: May/June

Sage: May/June

Spinach: May

Squash (Assorted summer & winter varieties): July

Tomatoes (Various): July

Microgreens: May

About the Vendor

White Lotus Farms was started in 2007 with a single aim in mind, to offer true artisan quality breads, cheeses, and produce. In 2016 we gave up wholesale so that we could concentrate on our true love, small batch superior products. Our bread, made with 100% organic flour, is crafted for a character unattainable in larger batch production. Our herd of Nigerian goats live right next door to the creamery. Our certified organic produce is grown using the latest beyond organic standards which bring out measurably more flavor and nuance in the veggies. It’s a lot of work but our efforts have paid off. in awards won, rave reviews of local chefs and in the enjoyment of our customers.

White Lotus Farms is an educational non-profit whose efforts explore the latest methods in sustainable farming, humane care for animals and small-scale agri-business. The farm is part of a larger community of Buddhist contemplatives and we seek to bring the values of compassion and mindfulness to our work. For us it is more than a job, it is part of a sacred relationship with customer, community and larger world.

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