Milan, Mi



Depot Town


Product List

Basil: June-October

Beans: July-October

Beets: June-October

Broccoli: June-October

Brussels Sprouts: July-October

Buttercup Squash: July-October

Butternut Squash: July-October

Cabbage: June-October

Cantaloupe: July-October

Carrots: July-October

Carrots: July-October

Cauliflower: July-October

Cilantro: July-October

Collards: July-October

Corn-sweet: July-October

Cucumber: July-October

Dill: July-October

Eggplant: July-October

Garlic: June-October

Gourds: Septermber-October

Honey: September-October

Kale: July-October

Kohlrabi: July-October

Leeks: September-October

Lettuce: June-July, September-October

Onion: July-October

Pac Choi: June-October

Parsley: June-October

Pepper (Hot and Mild): July-October

Potatoes: July-October

Pumpkins: September-October

Radish: June-October

Spinach: June-July, September-October

Spaghetti Squash: September-October

Summer Squash: June-October

Tomatoes: July-October

Winter Squash: September-October

Zucchini Squash: June-October

About the Vendor

Large assortment of farm produce.

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