Ann Arbor, Mi


Depot Town


Product List

Lettuce: Spring-Fall

Radish: Spring, Summer, 

Salad Mix: Spring-Fall

Worms: Summer-Fall

Beets: Spring-Fall

Cucumbers: Summer

Sqaush (Summer and winter varieties): Summer and fall

Melons: Summer

Kale and Collards: Spring to fall

Chard: Spring to Fall

Carrots: Early summer to fall

Garlic (scapes and cloves): Spring -summer

About the Vendor

Specializing in beyond organic, heirloom only vegetable and fruit varieties. CSA offered with convenient pick-up during Saturday Depot Town Farmers Market. Going into my third year as a farm business. Every year I have attended the Depot Town Market. The first year, I even biked all of my produce to market all the way from my farm in Ann Arbor. My farm is part of a farmer incubator program called Tilian Farm Development Center. It’s a place where I am allowed to “Incubate” my farm for roughly 5 years with the idea that i will transition onto some other farm land. My ultimate goal would be purchasing my own property. You gotta dream I guess.

I first started farming out in California about 6 years ago. Seeing eight plus different organic fruit and vegetable farms was a great way to learn for free. I was even able to stay at George Stevens’, legendary heirloom seed steward, for part of the summer. Every farm I visited shaped what is and continues to be Radicle Roots Community Farm. After 3 years of learning on others farms for no pay, I decided to apply to farmer incubator programs all over the US. I just wanted my own farm so bad. George gave me enough money to take a train to Michigan where I was accepted into the Tilian Incubator Program. So, still homeless I began my first year at Tilian. With only a bike, a backpack, a tent, and only enough money to purchase seeds and farm rent, Radicle Roots Community Farm was born.


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