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Bath, skin, and personal care. Available all days Petals and Butters is at the market.

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Petals and Butters only makes natural and organic bath and body products. Our products are crafted without any harsh chemicals or preservatives which make them a great choice for adults and babies alike and also for those with sensitive skin. Our recipes are simple keeping the ingredient list to the bare minimum and adding just what is needed. No more. No less.

Every single product is handcrafted with care and love, packaged and labelled with eco-friendly, biodegradable and recyclable materials. We intend to leave as little a carbon foot print as possible. Most of the ingredients are locally sourced and few herbs, roots and botanicals are imported all the way from villages of India which makes our products so unique, special and pure! The twist to our collection is handmade bath bombs and bubble bards for a fun and relaxing bathing experience at the most affordable prices!

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