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Session meads and ciders made with local Michigan honey and apples

About the Vendor

Bløm is built at the intersection of two passions- innovative fermentation and a commitment to local producers. Mead, a natural marriage of the two, is a beverage created by fermenting honey, yeast, and water. Most mead makers in the U.S. have cling tightly to mead’s past-a medieval honey wine consumed by Vikings and Norse gods, a sweet high-alcohol beverage to be savored on special occasions. Bløm’s product utilizes the same raw materials, allowing them to source 100% of their ingredients from local farmers and producers. However, unlike most meads, their products are not bound by history or competitors’ recipes. Instead, they taste and feel more like cider or craft beer- they are dry, sparking, lower-alcohol and served in a can. They are more approachable and versatile than a heavy, sweet, expensive bottle of traditional mead. Bløm is taking a good thing and evolving it into even something better.


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