Whether you have a spot in your yard for a garden or want to try gardening in pots, take this 4-week course to learn the foundations of vegetable gardening so you can reap the rewards of your work. Learn how to pick the best site and design to maximize beauty and bounty. We will cover what to plant when, natural pest and disease control, watering, and plant care specific to our area. You will leave the class with the know-how and confidence to grow your own food!
Wednesday 5:30-7pm March 24th, March 31st, April 7th, April 14th
Class 1: Basic Garden Design
Class 2: Planning Your Crops and Seasonality
Class 3: Pest Management and Watering
Class 4: Plant Care and Harvesting
Class 5: Optional Q&A with Farmer Bee
Classes will be virtual in March, and may move to be in person in April depending on Covid and the weather. Taught by Bee Ayer, Growing Hope Director of Programs
Click HERE to register for Vegetable Gardening 101
Suggested donations of $3-$30 per class, please pay what you can, taking into consideration your current and future access to wealth. We are hoping to make these classes free to the public and can do so if 10 people can pay $25 per class.