We check in with our Home Vegetable Garden program participants throughout the growing season to see how things are going and answer any questions they may have. Here are four of our HVG participants and their gardens!



Tyrone loves growing his own food! Before the pandemic, he was a Home Veg. Garden Program volunteer and has built many garden beds and done many installations at people’s homes. He was very eager to help with his installation as well. We built this table top garden bed according to the size specifications he gave us. He requested herb seedlings and we also gave him a couple of pots with marigolds to attract pollinators.


Sherene loves gardening. She recently moved to a ranch style home since she can no longer navigate steps. She misses her old garden and is excited to have accessible garden beds at her new home.







Sigrid is an avid gardener. Here she is standing by her 3ft bed that we installed two weeks prior to this picture being taken. Sigrid already had fennel and several other plants growing happily in her three garden beds. We raised one of them up for her because has trouble getting up from the ground these days. She took the seedlings we brought her and gave them to some of the other residents at Town Center.
 Karlie’s garden is looking great! This picture was taken three weeks after her installation. Karlie had some questions about some bugs eating her broccoli and kale plants, so we had a little bug squishing session.