The 2018 Program is full. Please feel free to fill out an application to be added to the wait list, and to be the first informed when applications for 2019 are open. 

The Home Vegetable Garden Program is a partnership between Growing Hope and low/no-income seniors and families. Growing Hope provides raised bed gardens, garden support and garden resources that are needed to address food insecurity issues in households in the Ypsilanti area.

This year we will be focusing on working with past participants and Habitat for Humanities households.

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This year we are working with past Home Vegetable Garden Program households to support their gardening efforts.  This year’s participants will receive free plantsgardening resources and a 25% discount at YpsiPlanti. We are hosting three plant distribution dates for participants, providing spring, summer and fall vegetables and herbs for your garden.

Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Applications are due by April 6, 2018.
If you are interested in the Refresher Program, please fill out the application below. 

   —>  HVG Refresher Program Application

  • Must have been a former participant in the Home Vegetable Garden Program or have raised beds that were previously installed by Growing Hope for the program at your home
  • Have an established garden area (garden patch, raised beds, containers) and plan to grow a garden during the 2018
    growing season
  • Be willing to fill out application/survey and one brief post-season survey to help support Growing Hope programs
  • Must be able to pick up your plants and seeds during at least one of the distribution dates (or send a friend to pick
    them up for you)
  • Priority will be given to to those located within 10 miles from the Growing Hope Center
What’s included?
  • 30 vegetable or herb seedlings of your choice
  • 10 seed packets of your choice
  • Garden advice from Growing Hope staff
  • 25% discount at YpsiPlanti
  • Unfortunately we are not able to provide you with a new wooden bed or compost this season.
What’s Expected from your Family?
  • Be able to attend at least one plant distribution
  • Complete and return application/survey at the begging and end of season
  • Have an understanding that it is your responsibility to care for your garden; we are happy to offer advice if you encounter challenges, but regular maintenance is expected


Growing Hope is partnering with Habitat for Humanity to install raised bed gardens at Habitat Homes. We work with household members to install 2 raised beds at their homes, fill them with soil and plant them out; creating gardens in one day for homeowners to enjoy!

If you are a Habitat Homeowner and would like to participate in the program please fill out the application below

 —> HVG Habitat Household Application


You must be a Habitat for Humanity  homeowner to be in this program. Please stay tuned for next years program, for opportunities for non-Habitat families.

What’s included?
  • 2 wooden garden beds, each measuring 8 inches tall and 4 feet by 4 feet
  • Containers (for those households that do not have a yard for raised beds).
  • Soil to fill all the beds
  • 10 vegetable or herb seedlings and 10 seed packets of your choice
  • A visit to your garden from Growing Hope staff to answer garden related questions
  • Supplies to weigh and keep track of your garden harvest
What’s Expected from your Family?
  • Participation in the garden installation process to the best of your physical ability
  • Attend Garden Training in early April
  • Complete and return all surveys in a timely manner
  • Have an understanding that it is your responsibility to care for your garden; we are happy to offer advice if you encounter challenges, but regular maintenance is expected
  • Track your harvest and return tracking sheets to Growing Hope

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