Based in Ypsilanti, Michigan, we empower individuals, groups and communities by providing resources, skills and training. Our programs go well beyond just planting, weeding and harvesting. We provide hands on education and youth leadership programs; we offer cooking and nutrition programs for low-income families; and we expand the capacity of groups to develop school & community gardens. All of our programs build on community assets through partnerships with neighborhoods, schools, and organizations. We are growing more than just plants; WE ARE GROWING HOPE!


Growing Gardens Program: Growing Hope supports home, school, & community gardens in Washtenaw County by providing start-up training, education, and resources that help people grow their own food.

Farmers Market: Growing Hope's Downtown Ypsilanti Farmers Market and Depot Town Farmers Market aim to increase access to fresh and healthy food while supporting our local economy and developing our downtown.

Social Enterprise Program:  Growing Hope's social enterprises include a demonstration urban market garden and hoophouse at the Growing Hope Center, raised bed kits, and the sale of plants and other garden products.

Youth & Schools Program: Growing Hope's youth & school programs involve classroom, after-school, and summer experiences for young people from 3-21.

Community Outreach Program: Growing Hope's Community Outreach touches thousands each year across Washtenaw County and Michigan through our participation at numerous community events and fairs.

GROWING HOPE  |  922 West Michigan Ave, Ypsilanti, MI  48197 | P.O. Box 980129, Ypsilanti, MI 48198 | Phone: 734-786-8401 |