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Since 2003, Growing Hope has been dedicated to helping people improve their lives and communities through gardening and healthy food access, working throughout the community in a capacity-building approach.  We are now thrilled to announce the launch of our ‘Rooting for the Future’ Fund to help move us forward, and into, our Growing Hope Center.

In this public, second phase of an overall $1,000,000 campaign, Growing Hope will finish site upgrades to gain Certificate of Occupancy, move out of rented office space in Downtown Ypsilanti, and into our landmark – and permanent – urban, educational farm at 922 West Michigan Ave in Ypsilanti.

Breaking campaign news as of February 2012!

 After four years, with mostly volunteer labor and lots of community support, the Growing Hope Center renovations are finally nearing completion!

This is an exciting time for us.  Our demonstration and training site for urban gardening and farming, our living showcase of sustainability, our teaching kitchen, our lending libraries, and our offices will all be in one spot by springtime.  Once we're moved in, our reach and our impact will only grow, as we will be able to help more people grow, access, and eat healthy food. But, we need your help to get us there!

 The same anonymous Michigan foundation that in late 2011 awarded the center $75,000 toward completion of our Center's house and grounds has pledged an additional $75,000 in the form of a matching grant. Growing Hope is determined to raise the crucial matching $75,000 by April 22, 2012!

Our goal is to raise $75,000 in 75 days by filling 75 envelopes with $1,000!

We're looking for 75 volunteers to become Envelope Stewards. A Steward might write one check for $1,000, solicit forty people for a $25 donation, ask fifty friends for a $20 bill, or sponsor a small fund-raiser at their house or school.  We need a community's help to make this happen!    

 Will you help us fill just one envelope in the next two months?  Please email if you, your workplace, or your organization will steward just $1000!  And, please pass this word along to friends who might do the same.  If you believe in Growing Hope's work and impact, please consider helping in this way.  

In gratitude,

Amanda Maria Edmonds, Executive Director
Christopher Michalak, Board President

P.S. Interested in a tour of our progress?  Please get in touch!

P.S. Save the date!  Our dedication of the Growing Hope Center is Saturday, May 5-- mark your calendars now so you don't forget.


What the future holds

When fully funded, the Growing Hope Center will operate year round, both making our programs and services more accessible and serving as an anchor of revitalization by providing indoor and outdoor gathering and learning spaces.


The Center will set a visible and undeniable example of progress and success in an urban setting, by:

  • Dramatically increasing our ability to demonstrate and provide hands-on training for gardening, urban farming, healthy eating, and garden-based entrepreneurship.
  • Making food production more accessible and affordable to community members by creating a center for storing, lending, selling and donating tools, books, equipment and building materials.
  • Providing space where volunteer labor can be utilized to grow thousands of seedlings and build hundreds of raised bed kits and rain barrels that can be utilized both for donations and providing a sustaining revenue stream.
  • Nurturing local businesses through garden-based enterprises including growing herbs for wholesaling to local restaurants, producing vegetables for sale online and at the farmers’ market, and training local under-employed workers for jobs in urban agriculture and local food industries.
  • Increasing the locally grown supply of fresh foods available for sale and donation by further integrating our hoophouse and its 10-month growing capacity into our operations.
  • Enhancing our internal capacity and organizational sustainability by providing new revenue streams and providing space for fee-based programs.
  • Solidifying Growing Hope as a hub for urban agriculture and training for Washtenaw County and Southeast Michigan.
  • Building upon our existing media and community relationships to showcase the successful rebirth of Ypsilanti and our region.

Support the campaign today with a pledge of any amount!  Click on "Donate Now" above, and specify when you make your gift that it is designated for the Growing Hope Center.  Contact to support the campaign!

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