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Whether you are looking to get dirty and dig around the Growing Hope Center or stay clean by helping out in our offices or at the Ypsilanti Farmers Market, we have volunteer opportunities for you or your group!

Volunteers of all ages are an integral part of Growing Hope, and they support every angle of the organization’s work at all times of the year. Volunteers make the positive impact that we have on communities a possibility. Without you Growing Hope would not be nearly as impactful as it is with you as a volunteer. Inquire about all volunteer opportunities at:

Volunteers can contribute to a number of areas at Growing Hope including;


We have a new group on Facebook dedicated solely to our Growing Hope volunteers called “Growing Together: Growing Hope Volunteer Group.” This group is to share needs, pictures, schedules, related stories, and to connect with other volunteers! Our volunteers are such a huge part of our organization, and we wanted to create a space just for you. If you would like to join the group, let us know how to find you on Facebook, or simply search for the group and request to join!
Questions? Let us know and we’ll help you figure it out!


Open Volunteer Hours
Dates & Times: Mondays & Fridays 2-4pm
Location: Either 922 W Michigan or 16 S Washington – varies; Volunteer Manager will inform
Description: Are you looking to lend a hand and get dirty, but you can’t make our farm volunteer hours? Don’t worry! We have plenty more work that needs to be done. Come help complete the many projects that are needed to meet our goals and forward our mission. The work is often physical and outside, so come ready to put in some sweat equity!


Evening Hoop House Caretaker
Dates & Times: Everyday between 5-7pm
Location: The Growing Hope Center
Description: We need a trustworthy, dedicated volunteer who can make a regular weekly commitment. This volunteer will be asked to come to the GH Center and water our hoop house while the staff is away. Typically this job takes about 1-2 hours and all training can be provided prior to starting your shift.

Farm Volunteer Hours
Dates & Times: Wednesdays 10am-Noon, and Thursdays 3-5pm
*Please note: Tuesday open farm hours are cancelled due to high volume of groups.
Location: 922 W Michigan Ave
Description: Are you interested in helping out on our urban farm? This includes tasks like planting, harvesting, weeding, preparing beds, composting, and much more. It’s hard and dirty work, but it’s more than fulfilling!


Dates & Times: Flexible
Location: 16 S Washington
Save the historic blue door at Market Hall:  Attach plywood to one side of door panel for structure, remove door from existing frame, remove existing sub wall, build new sub wall, reposition blue door flush with interior brick wall and attach to frame, install insulation, install new metal panels at exterior of building, apply sealant/waterproofing. An architectural drawing will be provided if needed.

Dates & Times: Flexible
Location: 16 S Washington
Attach siding to wall the wall of our basement produce cooler in YpsiPlanti.

Dates & Times: Flexible
Location: 16 S Washington
Tuckpointing at exterior of Market Hall:  A structural engineering report will be provided identifying spots needing attention.

Dates & Times: Flexible
Location: 16 S Washington
Install new fence at edge of sidewalk on Washington St. This involves digging holes in the ground and setting fence posts in soil with gravel or concrete at the base.


Farmers Market Volunteers
Dates & Times: Tuesdays 2-7:30pm or Saturdays 8am-1:30pm
Location: Tuesdays at 16 S Washington and Saturdays at 100 Rice St in Depot Town
Description: We are looking for someone who loves the farmers markets as much as we do! You’ll help set up, greet customers, count market attendees, and tear down. Commitment is at least one month.


Dates & Times: Flexible
Location: Varies
Description: We are looking for experienced or amateur photographers to help us document special events such as educational workshops, farmers markets, and fundraisers. Gain experience in event photography and help showcase all the events and programs going on at Growing Hope!

Bulk Mailing Help
Dates & Times: During Offices Hours
Location: The Growing Hope Center
Description: We need a few volunteers to help prepare mail that will be sent out to potential supporters. This job typically includes stuffing envelopes, labeling, sealing, and placing stamps.

Development Data Entry
Dates & Times: During Offices Hours
Location: The Growing Hope Center
Description: We are looking for a person who would be available to come in once or twice a week to help with donor-related data entry. The ideal candidate is relatively computer savvy, has data entry or database experience, and is available to come in consistently.

Graphic Design
Dates & Times: Flexible
Location:  Flexible
We are looking for someone who would like to design advertisements for our Farmers Markets and other programs. Volunteer would meet with someone from our team for information about the designs needed, and the designs could be done off site.

YpsiPlanti Sales Help
Dates & Times: 9:30am – 2pm Saturdays; Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday 3 – 7pm
Location: 16 S Washington Street
Interact with customers and help in our YpsiPlanti store in Downtown Ypsilanti. S hould be outgoing and capable of using an iPad for sales and money handling experience preferred. At least a one month commitment is preferred.

During your time volunteering with Growing Hope, you’ll be imparted with knowledge and skills that are valuable to both future employers and the local economy. Growing Hope’s Learn & Serve events education workshops are combined with service work. Growing Hope appreciates every second that us volunteered to help us work toward our mission, and we cannot thank all of our volunteers enough for their generous donations of time, skills, knowledge, and positive attitudes.

DTE2016 Volunteerism at Growing Hope is sponsored
by a generous grant from the DTE Energy Foundation.

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