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Whether you are looking to get dirty and dig around the Growing Hope Center or stay clean by helping out in our offices or at the Ypsilanti Farmers Market, we have volunteer opportunities for you or your group!

Volunteers of all ages are an integral part of Growing Hope, and they support every angle of the organization’s work at all times of the year. Volunteers make the positive impact that we have on communities a possibility. Without you Growing Hope would not be nearly as impactful as it is with you as a volunteer. Inquire about all volunteer opportunities at:

Volunteers can contribute to a number of areas at Growing Hope including;

We have a Facebook group dedicated solely to our Growing Hope volunteers called “Growing Together: Growing Hope Volunteer Group.” This group is to share needs, pictures, schedules, related stories, and to connect with other volunteers! Our volunteers are such a huge part of our organization, and we wanted to create a space just for you. If you would like to join the group, let us know how to find you on Facebook, or simply search for the group and request to join!
Questions? Let us know and we’ll help you figure it out!

Come volunteer with us!

Here at Growing Hope, we absolutely love our volunteers! Volunteers are a huge part of the reason we’re able to move forward our mission. We take groups, individuals, long-term volunteers, and those who only come around once. We have a wide array of opportunities that fit most schedules, interests, and abilities.
Winter is our slow season, and with our Ypsilanti Farmers Market closed until May 2nd, we aren’t in need of quite as much help. We do, however, still need volunteers! Winter projects look a lot different than Spring, Summer, and Fall. We’re looking for folks who are interested in data entry and clerical work, outreach, production of marketing materials, and other similar tasks.
To volunteer with Growing Hope, please inquire at

Current Opportunities

Data entry
We need a few dedicated, consistent volunteers to help keep up with data entry. You can come every week or every other week as long as you can commit to a longer-term opportunity. Computer skills are necessary, and volunteers will be trained on the use of GiftWorks – our donor and volunteer database. Background checks may be necessary, and confidentiality agreements are required.

Do you have a few hours to spare or a group that needs a one-time task? We can almost always use help distributing flyers, postcards, or posters to local residents and businesses.

We’re always looking for professional quality photos and videos of our events, spaces, markets, programs, and more! Whether you’re just starting out or have 20 years of experience, we would greatly appreciate your help.

Veggie Gram Team!
Flexible, on-call
What’s a Veggie Gram, you ask? Veggie Grams are a group of people dressed as veggies who will sing, dance, and be one with their veggie suit as they deliver an in-person message for someone who has rented a Veggie Gram from Growing Hope. We’re looking for volunteers who are outgoing, friendly, possibly multi-talented, and definitely spunky! If you don’t have the time to volunteer on the regular, but you still want to be involved, help us by joining our for-rent Veggie Gram team. You’ll go through a super short training and join our Veggiemail list to be ready to deliver someone’s special birthday, promotion, anniversary, or otherwise special Veggie Gram!

IT Help
Do you have professional IT experience or skills? We’re always looking for help with tech questions around our office. For example, we have some computers that we can’t figure out how to hook up with our printer! If you have some expertise you’d like to give us, please inquire about how to become a Growing Hope volunteer!

During your time volunteering with Growing Hope, you’ll be imparted with knowledge and skills that are valuable to both future employers and the local economy. Growing Hope’s Learn & Serve events education workshops are combined with service work. Growing Hope appreciates every second that us volunteered to help us work toward our mission, and we cannot thank all of our volunteers enough for their generous donations of time, skills, knowledge, and positive attitudes.

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