Mission & Impact

Growing Hope’s mission is to help people improve their lives and communities through gardening and increasing access to healthy food.

growinghope1Growing Hope envisions a more just, equitable food system where our local food economy is thriving and Ypsilanti residents are more food secure.  Residents, particularly those with barriers due to mobility, income and race, can easily access healthy, affordable food throughout the community. We envision these residents growing their own gardens, preparing their own harvests, and becoming food entrepreneurs. Through our support of school, community and home gardens, Ypsilanti residents will better participate in all aspects of the local food system and many will become leaders in this movement.


The Growing Hope Vision

Growing Hope envisions Healthy People, Healthy Economies, and Healthy Places in Ypsilanti and beyond by 2023.

Our rooting in the Ypsilanti community continues to deepen as we’ve created healthy and sustainable local food systems that positively impact many aspects of the Ypsilanti-area community, economy, and home life.

Healthy food, as a local system, influences and affords residents opportunities from cradle to career, including job and leadership opportunities that lead them to careers.

Our diverse and strong leadership believes in bringing together business owners, elected officials, young people, community organizers, faith communities, nonprofit leadership, and many others to build more sustainable healthy food resources.

Our impact extends well beyond Ypsilanti’s borders, as our best practices are shared and other communities in Michigan and beyond are trained in them. We quantify, qualify, and share our impact on our own and through research partnerships. It’s no mistake that people come to Ypsilanti from across the country to learn and train in these best practices, and many even relocate to our area become a part of this vision.


Where We Work

While we will always be rooted in and serving the Ypsilanti area, our reach has grown and now extends much further.

  • The Growing Hope Urban Farm is a destination for the region.
  • Our Garden Leadership Training has, for 10 years, empowered community garden leaders across southeast Michigan.
  • Our market vendors come from throughout the southeast and south central Michigan regions as well as our market customers.
  • We developed and promote the WashtenawMarkets.org brand to support farmers markets across the county.
  • We train and mentor farmers markets across the state.
  • We advocate for good food policies through the Washtenaw County Food Policy Council, as well as at a statewide and at times federal level.

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Our Impact

Below are a few of our impact reports

2017 Season Farmers Market Report

2015 Season Farmers Market Report

Ypsilanti Farmers Markets and Health Impacts 

2015 Teen Internship Program Impacts 

2015 Growing Gardens Membership Impacts



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